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Mentors and Sponsors Needed

The Glendora High School Tartan Robotics Team is a team dedicated to creating an environment that centers around STEM However, we are still in great need of mentors to work side by side with the students to create their competition robot.  While there is great need for individuals with robotics-related skills like mechanical design, programming, and electrical design, the main requirement for a mentor is the desire to be a role model and to inspire these students to reach their full potential.  If you are interested in being a mentor to these highly motivated and creative students, please contact us.

To make our ends meet, we need the help of willing businesses and individuals. These sponsorships assist in, not only our competition registration, but in purchasing some of our high ticket construction materials as well as our tools. Needless to say, this will be expensive. As such, we invite companies and individuals to donate in order to reach our goal of creating an environment centered on catering STEM students.


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