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Donors and Sponsors and Mentors

Students Working on Their Robot.

The GHS robotics club was formed as a way to spur interest in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics as fields of study and as career goals for the youth of the Glendora Unified School District and the community at large.  The program is intended to be a year round opportunity for students to learn about robotics specifically but about engineering, programming and math and science in general.  As the program develops the students from the core high school program will become the mentors to spread the benefits to the middle and elementary schools of the district.  Your contributions will go way beyond the support of the high school club.  The greater the support the farther out into the district and community we can reach.

Our needs fall into three categories.  Mentors, Equipment, and Funding.


While mentors with backgrounds in engineering, programming, and robotics are highly desirable they are not the primary need.  We primarily need individuals with an interest in the kids and the program that are willing to commit the time and energy to make the program work.  The skills and the expertise can be learned on the job just as the kids learn.  The commitment and interest have to come from the heart.


All of the tools and equipment that we are currently using are borrowed and are not predictably available nor do they have the precision that we could greatly use in our constructions.  We need to equip a complete maker space with the capabilities of producing parts of a high degree of precision that are permanently installed and are available without constant reconfiguration and swapping of cords and bench space.  To make this happen we need the following equipment:

at least two workbenches for assembly and fabrication of parts and assemblies.

We need some lockable tool boxes to prevent loss of our assets.

We need a 3d printer.

We need good quality drill press with a comprehensive assortment of drills suitable for precision metal work. (mostly non-ferrous)

We need a good quality bench-top lathe and all of the accessories for precision lathe work. (mostly non-ferrous)

We need a bench-top milling machine and all of the accessories for precision parts fabrication.(mostly non-ferrous)

We need a 16″ scroll saw, a 10″ or larger band saw, a compound miter saw or cutoff saw and all of the accessories for metal work (mostly non-ferrous)

We need two or more vises.

We need multiple grinding and polishing wheels with stones, metal brushes and polishing pads.

A disk and belt sander.

We need files coarse and precision, wrenches of all kinds, screwdrivers of all kinds, allen wrenches, hammers, hack saws, metal snips, an assortment of punches and cold chisels, wood chisels, corded and cordless drill motors and drills and accessories for assembly and fabrication.

Any equipment suitable for the fabrication of precision parts from plastic, plywood, steel, and non-ferrous metals.


Ultimately, the success and the reach of this program will depend on funding.  Participation in the FIRST robotics competition each year will cost $8-10,000 each year.  Additional projects throughout the year will require similar expenditures.  To introduce competitions at the middle school and elementary schools will require about $800 -$2000 per school.  Our desire is to build this into the premier program in the San Gabriel Valley and to serve as a model for an integrated STEM  program to capture the interest of students in grade school to hold on to that interest through middle school, high school and beyond.  Your contributions can make that vision into a reality.


While we don’t believe that any of you have motivations beyond a sincere desire to make a difference in the lives of youth, we do believe that we can and should provide what we can in benefits to those that so generously support us.  Your company name or logo will appear prominently on shirts worn at competitions and in public appearances as well as banners that we display in pit areas.   You will appear prominently on our website as well as our social media platforms and we will make press releases to local print and broadcast media.  You will be invited to our fall sponsors dinner where you will have the opportunity to meet the young people and the creations that you made possible.   We will make students and robots available for any media that you would like to produce that highlights your support of the program or if you would just like your employees to have the opportunity to meet them.  Ultimately, you will create personal bonds of friendship and affection with everyone whose life is touched by these programs whether they be student participants or grateful parents and families.

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