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Robotics as a Capstone to Highschool

Students Working on Their Robot.

It’s hard to imagine a better class to serve as a capstone to a high school education than robotics.  It encompasses so many educational disciplines and it gives them life through  real world application.  Math and physics and mechanics and metal shop are just the most obvious of the many skills involved.  Designing and building a robot is not only an act of extreme creativity it is the product of intense problem solving and visualization.  It is a team effort every bit as much as any team sport.  Communication skills are tested to their extreme and reading comprehension and writing skills are also maxed out as detailed specifications are created, analyzed  and translated into an actual working product.  What other activity can a young person participate in that takes so many fields of study and turns them into real life applied disciplines.  Even if they do not decide to pursue a career in technology they will still be a more well rounded individual and much better prepared for whatever they decide to pursue.

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