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The Clock Has Started

Team members build the electronics.

We officially began the build of our 2017 competition robot on Saturday Jan. 6th.  After the kickoff broadcast by FIRST from a venue in New Hampshire revealing this years competition details, and with the very capable assistance of experienced members of the Santiago High School team several team members began to assemble the robots drive base and controller electronics.  We now have six weeks to design, assemble, test, and learn to operate our robot.

The robot will need to grab plastic milk crates in Nylon covers ,transport them, and lift them as high as 7 ft.  For the first 15 seconds of play it must operate autonomously and cross a line and attempt to control the switch and scale. the remaining 2:15 the robot will be be controlled by a driver. The competition day will be Mar 17th.


Pieces of the partially assemble drive base

Drive Base Assembly Begins

Assembling the drive base.

Saturday’s Chief Drive Base Assembler.

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