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When NASA Sponsors a FIRST robotics team.

FIRST robotics playing field mock up at NASA's Johnson Space Center.

While touring the robotics and vehicle mock-up building at the Johnson Space Center in Houston this picture was taken of a full size mock up of this years playing field for the competition along with two robots that seem to be in testing for this years competition.  While it is wonderful that this team has such a marvelous opportunity to work in such a storied facility with such capable mentors, there is no reason that we cannot grow into an equally capable team.  We have a community rich in engineering skills and several colleges in the area that we will reach out to build our program into something no less life changing for our participants than what is offered at Johnson Space Center.  It is not history or the glamour of the location that matters.  It is the support of the community and of caring individuals that makes the difference.

Our first steps may be unsteady and halting but we will be there and our commitment is for the long haul.  We extend the invitation to all to become part of the early stages of something that will be life changing for numerous students for years to come.  We need mentors, we need tools and fixtures, and we need the funding to make this work.  We need the support of  our community.

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